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Welcome to Handmade By Alex

A little about me, I started working with leather in 2014 during recovery from hip surgery, since then I have found a real passion for the craft.

I took a job with Tandy Leather in their flagship Manchester store, where I became the Senior Sales Advisor and Social Media Manager.

During my time with Tandy I had the opportunity to meet and visit with a whole host of leather workers from around the world, picking up on the nuances from each profession to compliment my leather work education.

A Master Saddle Maker and TV/Film costume department both have different methods to get a similar result, as do fashion designers and fetish wear manufactures.

I have been lucky enough to start a “collection” of these multi industry skills and here is where I shall share them, for all to learn from.

I am open to all suggestions and love learning new skills and more efficient methods, so please do share.

Learn, Inspire, Teach.

If you are here to learn about leatherwork head to "The Classroom". 

For ready made items, custom orders or repairs head into "The Shop" find Paracord Pete check here!

My 600th post on #instagram and it's a n


Leather workshop


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